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How can SportHD Eventos help you?

At SportHD Eventos we help the organizers in the most complex parts that your sports event can have. We facilitate all the organization, promotion and dissemination of your sporting event so that it can finally get the most out of it. All this in an easy, fast and simple way for the organizer. ​

It was never so easy

Do any of these problems sound familiar to you with your sporting event?

  • It is very difficult for me to find the providers of all the services I need for my event.
  • I waste a lot of time doing it and comparing prices.
  • I can't get the welcome pack for my event.
  • I have a hard time getting sponsors for my event.
  • I don't really know what are the total and real costs of doing my sporting event.
  • I am very stressed with the organization of my event.

Why can SportHD Eventos help you?

We provide you with all the services you need for your event: Online registration management, timing, numbers + chip, accident insurance, hostesses, podium, sound equipment, photos, videos, speaker, etc. We give you an exclusive and complete Welcome Pack. We look for you the sponsors or sponsors. We calculate all the costs of your event.

What will you feel when working with SportHD?

Have everything under control. Peace of mind to do well your sporting event. You will not have the great stress of doing an event. You will have the satisfaction of doing a good job and a good event.


  • Publish all the information of interest of your events in our calendar: place, departure, distance, regulation, Web, contact e-mail, etc.
  • Manage the Registrations of your events from your account.
  • Offer online registration to all users of the Web.
  • Register athletes directly from your organizer account.
  • Registration Deadlines.
  • Registration fee.
  • Listings of registrations in alphabetical order, categories, sex, clubs, etc.
  • Advertise and promote the event through the different advertising spaces (banner) on our website.

We give you the Screen-printed bag with the SportHD logo

Among all the products, you can only choose the 5 that you like the most. They will be sent to the address that you have previously established at the time you register your Sports Event.

Generating numbers can be a real headache for the organizer. Do you allow us to help you?


We know, organizing a sports event is a lot of work, that's why we take the laborious job of requesting quotes for your sports event insurance.

Cover your runners from an accident with a very complete insurance.

A good sporting event has to be prepared down to the last detail. That is why SportHD, has arranged for you a very competitive accident insurance that will cover all legal aspects and allow you to easily manage an accident during the sporting event.

To have covered all the aspects that the law requires, you need the mandatory Civil Liability Insurance that covers any damage that the participants may carry out.


Correduría Garcés Inversiones y Seguros S.L. Garcés insurance broker registered in the special registry of insurance intermediaries, Reinsurance Brokers. Registration No. VS-2020-005

Technology is constantly renewing and adapting to new technologies. You do not need an electric current, it is not affected by rain, wind or snow, in short, it guarantees that even if blackouts occur or with adverse weather conditions, the test will be timed without any problem.

The Hostesses of Sports Events are usually image hostesses, although sometimes according to what type of act, they can be replaced by other type of hostesses.

They are the face of the brand and among its functions are: the awards ceremony, promotion of sponsoring brands of the event, inauguration of sports facilities, assistance in tennis and golf tournaments, assistance in sports boxes, regattas, car and motorcycle races, etc.

At SportHD we have professional and highly experienced hostesses for all kinds of events. Do not hesitate to contact us!

We work throughout Spain!

Get light at any point of the test without having electricity panels nearby with our electric generators.

Rewarding the champions of the event is essential to achieve greater visibility of the event.

What would we do without music and without a speaker in a race? They are sound elements that have become essential.

We have the services of the most recognized and best valued speakers.

Economical reflective safety cones made of PP (polypropylene).

Safety cones, very useful to delimit areas in sports activities or used in playgrounds in schools.

Made of a single piece.

Measurements: 30 cm high

Colors: Orange - Red - Blue - Green

Weight: 0.25 kg

Cone base: 22 x 22 cm

Reflex shirt: 10 cm band

Material: polypropylene

Certification: EN 13422 R1B

Music is always linked to any sport or event. For this reason we offer you a public address system adapted to your needs. But we want to go beyond the simple system. Depending on the type of test and the tastes of the organization, we create adapted playlists.

Running, motorcycling, bike, soccer, athletics, handball, basketball, etc., are activities that require adequate clothing that not only allow us to maintain performance and temperature, but also to be comfortable in general. That's why SPORTHD sportswear specializes in designs with softer, lighter and more breathable fabrics that enhance the experience of physical activity even in adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to the fact that SPORTHD sportswear is made of 100% Polyester + Microtech Microfiber Polyester Fabric, it allows you not only to be able to move freely thanks to its seams without chafing, but also to maintain body temperature with a good external insulation. In other words, our garments provide maximum breathability because they focus on the places on the body where it is most needed. As, for example, the SPORTHD running tank tops, which also have flat seams to avoid chafing.

SPORTHD is characterized by having exclusive models, permanent stock, logistics, customization and design service; so it offers not only a guide on sportswear, but also a wide variety of high quality depending on the place, time of year and activity.

The best personalization and printing systems for sportswear.

In recent years, personalized sportswear has become one of the most valued promotional accessories in merchandising. SPORTHD offers customization in screen printing, digital transfer or embroidery and a printing system guaranteeing a permanent duration of the original color. This allows us a range of up to 10 printing colors or full color sublimation, at an economic cost and guaranteeing the quality of our garments.

At SPORTHD we use a technique that requires the creation of photoliths and screens for each color that the sportswear design carries. For example, in the case of sports vests, there is a reflective front transfer and a reflective 3M rear band, increasing visibility and therefore the safety of the runner.

SPORTHD sportswear seeks excellence in all its sports lines and applying the latest innovations in fabrics and clothing.

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