Publicado el 5 abr. 2019

A big thanks to Visit London, Paris Je t’aime and Eurostar for showing us an amazing time… and a

special shout out to Taj 51 and Moxy Paris Bastille for giving us somewhere to catch some Z’s after


Check out these two awesome cities at: 

Taj 51:

Moxy Paris Bastille:

We uploaded this video in 8K. It takes YouTube several days/potentially a week to convert those files into 8K YouTube compressed file, so if your not seeing higher resolutions yet, that is why.


Mountain Biker: Fabio Wibmer @Wibmerfabio

Parkour Team: The FrenchFreeRun Family - Johan Tonnoir @johantonnoir, Anthony Demeire @anthonydemeire and Maxence De Schrooder @maxence.ds

Also huge thanks to Vintage Tran from the French FreeRun Family.




Tower Bridge (0:00)

St Dunstan in the East (0:17)

Regent Street (0:41)

St. Paul’s Cathedral and Festival Gardens (0:56)

Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery (1:08)

Piccadilly Circus (1:25)

Leake Street / Banksy Tunnel (1:39)

Southbank Centre (1:47)

Platform 9 ¾ and King’s Cross Station (1:59)

Abbey Road (2:03)

St Pancras International (2:16)

Eurostar (2:26)


Gare du Nord (2:37)

Eiffel Tower and Trocadéro (2:48)

Louvre Museum (3:06)

Sacré-Cœur and Montmartre stairs (3:32)

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral (4:03)

Les Folies de la Villette by architect Bernard Tschumi (4:46)

Montparnasse Tower (4:52)

London Section:

Perfect (with DSFGR) by TWERL

Beatles Vibe song (during cross walk scene). By Stephen Anderson

Paris Section:

La Plage by Tiny Music

Shot by Devin Graham on the RED Helium in 8K with the Devin Graham Series Glidecam. 

Sound Design by Dan Pugsley

Color by Ryan Romanovitch

Behind The Scenes and Lighting effects by Zane O'Gwin

Edit by Devin Graham and Carter Hogan with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

2019-06-13 18:49:02
Disciplina: Ciclismo en ruta
Participantes: Fernando Fernández
Duration time: 05m:37s
Uploaded by: Fer Bike